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    Logilink LW0001 Luggage scale, black color

    €8,72 ar pvn
    Bagāžas svari Luggage Scales Багажные весы Household appliances, photo Sadzīves tehnika, foto Бытовая техника, фото Sadzīves tehnika - mazā Small Appliances for home Малая бытовая техника 5.00 g 1.00 pc(s) 0.14 kg 130.00 mm 200.00 mm 60.00 mm Yes 0.00 m³ 0.10 kg 0.04 kg Equipped with high precision strain gauge sensor system LCD display: 13mm Weighing & target weight indication by LED Auto zero resetting / Auto off Low power / Over-load indication Capacity: up to 50 kg Units: kg / lb / st. The LogiLink Luggage Scale is a great helper for all travelers. With this handy tool you can weigh your luggage easily and make sure that the regulations of your airline are met. Never worry about having the correct weight anymore, now you can be sure of it! 45.00 g No LW0001

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